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Having an animal companion enriches our lives with compassionate caring for another being. An animal companion is a playmate, a guide, a family member, a friend, and even a working partner. The relationships we share with our pets foster trust, loyalty, and unconditional love. Hence, there always is sadness in our hearts when our animals are injured, ill, aging, or dying. When your pet's quality of life is slipping away and all efforts to keep your beloved animal feeling good no longer work, it's time to make the tough decision to do what's most humane.

Eventually, owners often wonder whether it is best to attend their senior pet with humane, palliative care throughout its natural dying process at home or to humanely euthanize their animal companion. The answer, of course, depends on circumstances that for each pet and owner will be different and may change over time. When humane euthanasia seems to be the most compassionate decision, having your animal companion pass at home tends to bring a quality of intimacy, comfort, and serenity.

In your pet's final moments, don't subject them to the stress and pain of being transported to the veterinary office. Gentle Journey Veterinary Care can provide euthanasia services in your home.

Say Farewell with Dignity

Gentle Journey Veterinary Care provides in-home euthanasia services to you and your family pet with support and peace of mind. We treat pets and their families with respect, compassion and dignity. We feel that our services allow a less painful and far less stressful experience for the pet as well as the family

Make the Compassionate Choice

If your family is facing that hard choice, please contact Gentle Journey Veterinary Care. There is no greater comfort than knowing you've made the best choice possible for your friend.

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